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  • What kind of properties do you have?
    We have office, retail, cosmetology, beauty, hospitality, industrial, automotive, medical, and storage.
  • What are your lease terms?
    We do a minimum of a one-year lease up to 10 years.
  • What are the requirements to rent a property?
    For offices and cosmetology suites: soft pull credit check, one-month security deposit, and Commercial Liability Insurance. For all other properties: soft pull credit check, two-month security deposit, and Commercial Liability Insurance.
  • Can I customize my space?
    Yes! Most customizations are allowed. You have to submit a written request for Landlord's approval.
  • In which towns do you have properties located?
    Presently, we have properties in the following towns: Bristol, Meriden, Cheshire, Manchester, Middlebury, Watertown, Woodbury, Naugatuck, Oakville, Waterbury, Bloomfield, Torrington, Newington, Thomaston, Terryville, and Vernon.
  • Can I sublease my space?
    Yes, subleasing is permitted as long as we approve the use.
  • How do I sign the lease, pay the deposit and rent every month?
    You sign the lease electronically and make payments online. Simple!
  • Are pets allowed?
    No animals are allowed in any of the properties.
  • Do I need insurance to rent a space?
    Yes. All of our tenants are required to have Commercial Liability Insurance. If you have employees, you will also need Worker's Comp. We do not require Renter's Insurance.
  • Can I terminate my lease before the end of the contract?
    If you wish to terminate your lease before the contract is over, you will have to let us know in writing, via email, so we can advertise and start showing your space to potential tenants. However, you're under contract with a personal guarantee until the end of your lease term if we don't find another business to take over your space.
  • For the spaces with all utilities included, are there any extra fees and which utilities are included?
    There are no extra fees, just one flat rate every month. The utilities included are: electricity, AC, gas, heat, water, garbage removal, snow removal, landscaping, cleaning of common areas and property taxes.
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